Hearing the Bible for today.

Sermons at Epworth United Methodist Church are given by passionate pastors who want to share their love for God with you through relevant and relatable messages. Depending on the season, we may offer sermons by series or week to week. Thanks to the gift of audio recording, we also offer sermon podcasts for those times you can’t make it to church or want a second listen.

Lectionary Blessings

April 3, 2016 – July 3, 2016

The lectionary is a set of readings we hear week by week in Sunday worship. The lectionary has a three-year cycle that focuses each year on a different gospel.¬†The lectionary isn’t a chronological approach to reading the Bible, nor is it a book-by-book approach. Instead, each week the scripture readings are closely linked to the seasons of the Church’s calendar. Over the next few months, we are embracing the blessings of the lectionary to discover God’s Word in Scripture.